Learn how to teach a Yoga Flow for Kids

Do you struggle to come up with yoga sequences for kids that keep them engaged?

Can you relate?

  • Are you at a loss for how to plan a kids yoga sequence that makes sense?
  • Do your students get too talkative during class when you’re guiding them through poses?
  • Do you need strategies for keeping your kids engaged and having fun during yoga?


The Yoga Flow and Sequencing for Kids Mini Course

Our Kids Yoga Flow Sequencing Course is specifically designed to help you master the art of creating the perfect yoga sequence that keeps children captivated, learning, and growing—day after day.

It’s the only kids yoga sequencing plan you’ll need to teach a kids yoga flow to any age in any setting.

This online resource has everything from how to start teaching yoga to encouraging your kids to be active participants and leaders. Maia has covered all the details including ideas for positive language, healthy body, healthy brain. This is packed with ideas on how to use the pose cards in a classroom or at home even for a yoga themed birthday party. The clear concise descriptions match each picture. There are hours of fun, imaginative play packed in this Yoga Flow Sequence.

-Jackie S
Parent and Yoga Instructor

What’s included in the course

30 Unique Pose Images

Access to one-of-a-kind Kumarah Yoga flow cards with unique illustrations, pose descriptions, and diverse student representations to ensure inclusivity and relatability.

Overview of Teaching the Poses

Learn how to empower children to understand and practice the poses with ease. Tips for reinforcing a consistent yoga practice for children and ideas for incorporating Yoga Flow into various daily settings.

Mindfulness in Teaching Guide

A guide to effectively start your teaching and ensure your little yogis’ enthusiasm and understanding. Refine your teaching skills with specific language guidance, effective cues, and techniques that feel genuine and inspiring.

Practical Video Tutorials

Three hours of comprehensive video content including step-by-step sequence directions.

Leveling Up

Additional video content on how to level up your sequences with breathing cues, music, and challenges to keep kids interested and learning even after months of doing the Yoga Flow.

Ready to dive in?

Your purchase of the Kids Yoga Flow and Sequencing course comes with:

  • 30 beautiful kids yoga pose cards
  • 7 Steps to Start Teaching and Learning the Poses
  • Tips for Encouraging Your Kids’ Yoga Practice
  • Three hours of video on how start teaching a Yoga Flow and using Mindfulness Language prompts
  • BONUS: 4 additional mini yoga flow sequences
  • BONUS: Class Planning Template for teaching themed and dynamic classes
  • BONUS: Access the private Kumarah Kids Empowered Educators community for support and teaching Ideas

Hi, I’m Maia!

Hi, I’m Maia! I’ve been a full-time kids yoga teacher in public schools for over 10 years, and an educator for over 15. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you and help you set up your kids for success with kids’ yoga and mindfulness for calm and well-managed lives! I’m also a grown-up yoga teacher 🙂

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E-RYT-200 from Green Lotus Yoga and Healing Center

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Unstoppable Kids Yoga Teacher Training via the Baptiste Institute


Yoga Flow is a sequence of 22-30 different Yoga poses that you can do with your kids or students. The Yoga Flow sequence is adaptable, fast- paced, and engaging to all kids.

It can be done at home, in a classroom, in a studio, at a camp setting, wherever!

Yes!  The Yoga Flow works best with kids between the ages of 6 and 12, but it can be adapted to work very successfully with kids as young as 4 and as old as 16. The most important part of doing a Yoga Flow is the amount of enthusiasm you put into it, and the language you use with your kids to teach it.

Doing a Yoga Flow takes more than just knowing the poses, which is why I have written and included many additional pages of content on how to teach it effectively, what language to use, and how to encourage kids of all ages.  It’s helpful to learn from video examples so you can see and hear what it will look like and feel like. Plus, I give you lots of teaching tips on how to make sure it’s effective with any age group.

You will receive access to log into the Kumarah Kids Empowered Educators community as soon as your purchase is completed. Once in there, navigate to the Yoga Flow Sequencing course and get started! The files to download are in the lesson titled PDF: Yoga Flow Pose Cards and you can download them immediately.

The files are PDF files created with Adobe, so make sure you are able to view and use these documents on your device. You can print them in color and laminate them for longer lasting durability!

You can use the cards on your computer, tablet, or phone to view the images. You will be allowed to view and print the documents (even at different sizes!), but not allowed to edit or alter the content in any way.

The Slideshow document of the pose images will be openable with Google slides and you can view them as a slideshow with a projector if you have that available to you.

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